Aagooz Mobile APP

  1. The answer is NO.

    As of now, Aagooz doesn't have a Mobile APP, instead, its web application has a mobile-friendly design which allows anyone to connect to aagooz from their mobile phone's web browser through the website aagooz.com itself.

  2. In order to access aagooz.com Web App, you don’t need to download and install any App onto your mobile device. Instead, you have to access the website through the mobile device’s Web browser.

    Below are the steps to be followed to create a shortcut to aagooz.com website on the home screen of your Android mobile phone.

    This shortcut will look exactly similar to any other APP, but when you tap it it opens in a web browser.

    1. Launch google chrome and navigate to aagooz.com

    2. Tap the 'vertical dot menu' on the top of the screen as shown below, to open a menu.