About aagooz

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Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality, delayed deliveries, errors or any other issues on our BETA version, or if you have suggestions to improve our quality and content, please do write to us through the Review-Us page or email us at support@aagooz.com

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What's aagooz

aagooz is a ‘verticalized’ classifieds site that houses the interlinked verticals of Real Estate, Vehicles and Used Stuffs.

aagooz, is the simplest, safest and convenient web app recently launched in India*,  where users buy and sell cars, find housing, buy and sell household goods, and much more. 

aagooz is aiming to become the top leading classifieds online platform in India. Using aagooz you can save money and you will get an extra income by selling what you no longer use.

In aagooz, you will find the largest catalogue of Ads and you can publish your Ads for Free, at no cost. It works throughout the world from your mobile or from your computer. There are Ads for flats, houses, vehicles, second hand mobiles and services.

By using aagooz you will also make the world more sustainable by reusing thousands of items.

Earn money on aagooz by selling what you don't use and find great bargains close to you.

*as of today it covers all the cities in Kerala

Why aagooz

Although there are so many horizontal classified websites and huge vertical niche sites out there, the approach of aagooz.com is to keep it simple and classy, with its elegant and minimalistic look to bring in an easy solution for a common problem of selling and buying valuable Properties or Vehicles or Pre-Loved items.

Ease of site search and navigation will make aagooz outstanding from among the other competitors.

aagooz has over 100s of sub-categories falls under the four main categories such as Real Estate, Cars & Vehicles, Buy & Sell, Community & Services.

Any user can post any number of Free Ads in any Category, which can’t be availed in any other classified websites.

All postings on aagooz will be 100% verified before it go on live.

Unlike the competitors, aagooz will show only user posted Ads and won’t show any other commercial Ads to the users.

Unlike those Real Estate and used vehicle vertical websites where the users are asked to pay subscription for posting their Ads, aagooz never ask its users for any subscription charges. The users don’t have to subscribe to Sell/Buy Properties or Vehicles or Used Stuffs.

aagooz has no listing fees, no selling fees, no subscription fees, Its FREE

It is absolutely FREE, SIMPLE and PRICELESS.

aagooz connect buyers and sellers in real-time to be able to sell, buy, get a service or a job.

aagooz strives to provide a safe and trusted online environment to connect directly sellers and buyers without the need of having a medium or to pay any kind of commission.


What’s so special about aagooz

aagooz is good for our Planet.

aagooz together with its users will be helping to reduce the landfill through buying and selling used items.

Think Sustainability, Think to Buy and Sell Pre-Loved Stuffs !!!

Buy & Sell Used Stuff and, Be the Inspiration to RESELL, REDUCE and REUSE !!!

Where it all began

Here is the simple story of this simple website! 

Nisha Nandanan, an alumna of IIT Chennai, is the founder of aagooz.com 

Nisha, a former employee at Cognizant, who later joined as an Asst. Professor at NIT-Calicut, took a break from her regular work life to bond with her loved ones, and what you see today in aagooz is an initial step towards achieving some of her bigger goals in life :)

You can reach out to her at nisha@aagooz.com